Social justice advocacy

Underpinning all community service activities of the Uniting Church is its strong commitment to social justice and advocacy. This is reflected in the statement from the inaugural worship service for the Uniting Church in 1977, which exhorted Church members "to engage in a fearless prophetic ministry in relation to social evils which deny God's will for justice and peace (and) to act with God alongside the oppressed, the hurt, the poor".

UnitingCare formulates social justice and human rights policy for the Uniting Church which may be taken to the annual meeting of the NSW and Synod for consideration. This policy work is based on intensive and wide-ranging research and theological reflection.

Through the provision of information and resources to the Church and the community, UnitingCare seeks to educate people about the need for social justice. This is done by printed material and by direct involvement in campaigns as diverse as the FairWear campaign, Aboriginal issues, industrial relations and the forests.

UnitingCare also speaks out on behalf of people who do not ordinarily have a public voice. This is done through the writing of submissions and representations to government policy makers as well as through the media.

There are many definitions of Social Justice but one which strikes a chord is the 1994 statement by Mick Dodson, Aboriginal activist and commentator when he said.

"Social Justice is what faces you when you get up in the morning. It is awakening in a house with an adequate water supply, cooking facilities and sanitation. It is the ability to nourish your children and send them to a school where their education not only equips them for employment but reinforces their knowledge of and appreciation of their culture. It is the prospect of genuine employment and good health; a life of choices and opportunity, free from discrimination." Mick Dodson

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