Social Justice Charter

Our Beliefs

We believe in a God of love, compassion and social justice, who provides all that people need to live.

God calls us to caring, service and justice.

UnitingCare seeks to achieve social justice in the way we work with users of services and with staff, and through appropriate advocacy in the public arena.


Our Principles

UnitngCare services will operate in accordance with the principles of access, equity participation and human rights.


We will:

  • Provide services on the basis of need for the service
  • Remove discriminatory barriers
  • Provide services that are flexible and responsive
  • Treat all service users and their families with respect and without discrimination
  • Provide high quality and holistic services
  • Respect the right of service users to have personal relationships


We will:

  • Within available resources, provide as many places as possible for those who are socially and economically disadvantaged
  • Work together on issues of common concern
  • Share expertise and resources


We will:

  • Ask service users what they want when making decisions that affect them
  • Ask service users what they want when setting up, reviewing or changing services
  • Provide education to service users so they develop fully as people
  • Encourage service users to participate in the life of the wider community
  • Encourage service users to exercise autonomy and choice
  • Respect the expertise of staff

Human Rights

We will:

  • Model justice and respect for human rights within our services, in our dealings with everyone
  • Support those people whose human rights are violated or at risk
  • Pursue social justice and human rights in society
  • Report regularly and publicly

Our Advocacy

In UnitingCare advocacy we will:

  • Call for public policies based on social justice principles
  • Focus on removing the causes of disadvantage and ending human rights violations
  • Challenge pre-occupation with narrow economic considerations
  • Call for Government allocation of resources to give priority to those groups who are most disadvantaged
  • Reject policies that harm already disadvantaged groups

Download a copy of the Charter - 0.67MB PDF