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Alex and Nadia's Story

"I have fostered 12 children in total, and Alex has lived me for three years I love him and want the absolute best for him. His needs mean we put in a lot of time. UnitingCare helps us so much but we require funding to ensure Alex's needs are met."

Read Alex and Nadia's story here

 By making a special gift to UnitingCare's Winter Tax Appeal, you will be supporting children with a disability in Out-of-Home Care.
With your special gift, we can provide hope to more children like Alex, now and in the future. 
Make your tax-deductible gift to UnitingCare Winter Tax Appeal today.

How your donation will support the work and mission of UnitingCare NSW.ACT:


  • Keep families together.
  • Help achieve educational dreams.

Older people

  • Help people living with dementia.
  • Sociability and independence.

People with disabilities

  • Support for independent living. 
  • Involve in the community.


  • Combat homelessness and cycle of destruction.
  • Support young parents.


  • Support and strengthen family relationships.
  • Counselling and mediation.

Asylum Seekers

  • Combat poverty.
  • Assist with medical attention and emergencies.