Theological Reflections


Relating the scriptures to current issues is one of the Board's tasks. The Executive Director, and other staff, are often invited to preach the Gospel at church services. We feel the best preaching is done with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. We take the Bible very seriously as the Word of God to us and look for its Word on important and current issues.


As part of UnitingCare Australia, we operate under its Faith Foundations.

Bible Studies

Living life with courage and grace: A bible study from 2007 NSW Synod.

UnitingCare document archive

Sexuality a Different Approach: (20kb PDF) 
What I want to try and do is to put this one particular issue in its context as a part of the complex issue of Christianity and culture.

Christian Peacemakers and What We Can Learn From Them (24kb PDF)
Speech delievered to "Growing Peace in Kogarah" Fourm on Christian and Muslim perspectives on peace and nonviolence in a multi-religious society, 17 November 2005

Using the Right Language in Public Advocacy (115kb PDF)
Earlier this month the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Rev. Peter Jensen, had an article published in "The Sydney Morning Herald" which was an edited extract of the Halifax-Portal lecture that he had given earlier in the week. The article was headed "Fear of criticism has made Christians silent instead of significant". My first reaction to that headline was to question the accuracy of Christians being silent...

Christian Perspectives on Community Service (32kb PDF)
What is the particular contribution which UnitingCare makes to the community services which it operates? The first thing to say about this question is that I don't think that we should focus on UnitingCare apart from other Christian churches and organisations...

The Book of Job as an Example of Method for Theological Thinking About Issues (23kb PDF)
Many people think that the way to deal with social issues is firstly to determine what the bible says, and then to "apply" it to modern issues. This is a deductive approach. There are three problems with a deductive method. I prefer a more circular method in which the bible and modern situations are brought into dialogue...

God and Caesar, Church and State in Australia in 1999 (28kb PDF)
Church and state are not identical. But politics and religion must interact. As citizens we have the right, individually and together, to advocate policies that are consistent with our understanding of community and human dignity...