Living life with courage and grace


I invite you to join in a journey, a term we often like to use in the church. Journeys require some preparation, some planning and expectation of what may lay ahead. Yet with all journeys there are surprises, grand vistas, tedious stages, reflective moments, celebrations and tragedies. As I have journeyed through life I continue to be formed by all life’s experiences, the people I meet, the places I go, the books I read, the study I have done and the relationships I have. I anticipate that you will have been transformed in similar ways although all of us have our own unique experiences.

This study began when I was asked by the General Secretary of the Synod to lead the Bible Studies at Synod 2007. To say I was surprised is an understatement. I really didn’t feel equipped, adequate or of sufficient biblical knowledge to take on such a task. My mind imagined how I could do this and I know from my many years experience as a worker in disability services that the most powerful message came from the people who lived with their disability day by day. If only I could bring their stories to the Synod. I mentioned this casually at a meeting. I said I had been asked to do the Synod studies and added my dream for what I would like to do. I am grateful that I was heard and funds made available for filming.

As I write this I am a chaplain with UnitingCare Disability Supported Living where I am regularly challenged and motivated as I share in the lives of the people I meet. In these studies you will encounter people who live with a disability, family members, carers, support staff and chaplains.  It is their stories I feel privileged to share with you and I am grateful for their courage and grace in sharing them.

As this study begins I suggest that you be open to new or slightly different ways of looking at how you view the world and the people in your own neck of the woods. Perhaps you will want to disagree, or your experience may enhance the understanding of others.

Also included in this study is some information which may be helpful for you. In October, 2007, a Seminar "Spirituality, Disability and Health" was run at Concord Uniting Church for about 30 people. Part of our time was in groups looking at some questions surrounding Spirituality, Disability and Health. This was an inspiring day especially being given the opportunity to hear from people who receive services and live daily with many challenges.

In addition some reference to useful books, resources and people is also included. My belief is that when we meet those who are different from us their labels disappear and their uniqueness and giftedness may be revealed to us when the barriers are dispensed with.

Rev Sue Scott


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Study 1

Finding courage

Study 2

Sharing insight

Study 3


Study 4

Healing and Hope

Study 5

Courageous and gracious

Study 6

Courage and grace for the journey

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